What are beats, do you need any and how can you get them?

The answers to these questions are all in this article, including how you can get FREE beats, so keep reading.


Beats are generally a short word for Instrumental Tracks or just instrumentals. An instrumental track is a music bed or music background to a song or rap. Artists, singers and rappers seeks out these instrumental tracks to which they add their vocals and the beat thereby becomes a full song with vocals. The term “beats” are mostly used in Hip Hop and Rap music. In other genres like Pop, Dance, Jazz, Country and Rock the term “Beats” is mostly referring to the drum beat only and the full music bed is called an “Instrumental” or “Instrumental Track” meaning a track with all the instruments only.

The last 10 years or so, beats has become more and more popular in Rap music, as many singers and rappers enjoy writing lyrics and melodies to the instrumentals. Once the lyrics has been written it is easy to just record the vocals to the Beat and the song is finished. In more traditional song writing you will usually write the lyrics and melody first and then create and record the music bed for the song in a studio while preforming the song.

So the big advantage of using existing beats is that you no longer need a studio or a beat producer around to make a hip hop song. Simply purchase a beat online and you are halfway to having a song done. You can record you vocals at home using cheap recording software running on a personal computer. All you need else are a decent microphone and you are good to go. Much cheaper than renting a recording studio, and in many cases a better solution since you can work without the time limit and pressure you would typically have when you rent a studio per hour.

How do you get beats and where do you find GREAT beats?

Many producers are offering their beats for sale or lease. Many are to be found on sites such as soundclick.com and myflashstore.net. You can even find free beats online. Typically though, the Free Beats comes with a caveat. You can only use them for promotion. If you plan to release the finished song you will typically need a commercial license.  A license is often a written contract between you and the producer, giving you the rights to use the beat as the music bed to your song and release the finished product to the public. There are often certain restrictions in the contract. Typically, you can only release a certain amount like 5000 copies. If you want to release more copies you can expand your lease. You should also note that a lease is almost always a NON exclusive contract. That means the producer will continue to lease the same beat to other singers and rappers, so potentially as many as 100 or more other rappers will use the same music bed for their song. The alternative is that you buy out the beat. This way you own the beat and are the only person who can use it in their composition. That option is much more expensive though. Typically it cost between 1 to 30 dollars to lease a beat, while buying a beat can cost thousands of dollars.

There is a third alternative though. Create your OWN beat!! I know, that sounds difficult or almost impossible. You are not a beat maker and have never created a beat before. The good news is that there are a couple of beat making programs available that are very suited for beginners. The only problem is that they are usually not that great sounding. I always believed so, that was until I came across the latest beat maker to hit the market called, Urban Beat Maker.

The big difference with this beat maker is that it comes fully loaded with many construction kits and sounds created in a world class studio. Using construction kits to make you own beats makes it really easy. You simply drag the individual instrument loops into your song and create your beat that way, much like putting a jig saw puzzle together. Very easy to do and the sound quality is awesome. Take a look at urbanbeatmaker.com and check out the short video where you can hear the sound quality of this new beat maker. It will only take you a couple of hours to actually learn how to use the beat maker and the benefits are awesome. Instead of leasing the beats and be limited and sharing it with hundreds of other competing rappers, you can actually OWN all your beats. You don’t have to pay royalties ever to a producer again if you get Urban Beatmaker.

I promised in the beginning to tell you where you can find some great FREE beats. The best selection you can find by clicking here…. Sign up to the FREE BEATS and every week you will receive a new beat directly to your email inbox.

All in all, it has never been easier to get started in the music business than today. The software and technology is so vast that anyone can create their own music today. It is great times indeed!!